Book Giving Day 12: Book Pairings


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Oh my goodness, we made it!  It’s day 12 of the “12 Days of Book Giving”!

Book Giving Idea #12

Reading and cooking go together like red wine and chocolate, coffee and donuts, tea and shortbread, milk and cookies. I could go on, but what I mean is kids get exposure to so much good food while reading, and so much good reading while cooking. This holiday season, pair a children’s book with homemade food or a cooking experience to maximize this symbiotic relationship. Here are some possibilities to get you thinking:

The Ninjabread Man

Book Pairing: Ninjabread Man and cookie cutters

Saint Nicholas brought my ninjas this book with some matching cookie cutters.  After reading the story, Budlong and Ashman are eagerly anticipating our cookie making, baking, frosting, and eating experiences!

Who Made This Cake?

Who Made This Cake? paired with cake mix

In this picture book by Chihiro Nakagawa and Junji Koyose, miniature construction vehicles and their operators work to make a life-size birthday cake for a mother. If you have a young child who’s crazy about construction vehicles, pair this book with a box of cake mix. It’s sure to be an unforgettable baking and imagination building experience!

Food in Literature Blog

Food in Literature is an amazing blog whose founder, Bryton Taylor, creates recipes inspired by novels and children’s literature.  In addition to the recipes, you’ll find gorgeous, mouthwatering photos and how-to videos. I am most intrigued by…

Book pairing: Lion Witch and Wardrobe with Turkish Delight

Book Pairing: HP and treacle tart

Book pairing: BFG and frobscottle

Get the book, print off the recipe, shop for the ingredients, and you’ve got yourself an amazing gift basket to give to an older child!

Kids Cook with Books from What’s Cooking with Kids

This is a gift that has potential to last the whole year. You can sign yourself or a child up for this book club, and each month you’ll receive a recipe that complements a children’s book geared toward kids ages 2-8. The 2017 list of books is already posted. Check it out and track down the first few books!

Thank you so much for following this series.  I hope you have been inspired to give a child a unique book in a creative way. Whatever your cause for celebration this season, Budlong, Ashman, my husband and I would like to wish you peace, joy, and tons of time for reading!

Featured image based on "Presents" by Andrew Butitta, CC-BY-SA-2.0

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